A Pinterest experiment – make up brushes

You have probably heard me talk about Pinterest quite a bit. A lot of my inspiration comes from there. It’s a great place to browse ideas for DIY, outfits, recipes, or even knitting and similar. Many of the projects there require skills that I would normally not possess, but that doesn’t deter me from trying.

I‘ve tried a few tips I’ve found on Pinterest. For example, I practised with my mum on how to make a candle out of a clementine once, I made a Harry Potter wand for a friend, I got inspiration to make a dream catcher (you can see mine here), I made candles in a cup from this example, and even attempted a bauble Christmas tree at a friend’s flat once. It didn’t look like the one on that link, I’m afraid.

I probably learnt how to crochet and knit thanks to Pinterest too.

If you know anything about it, then you’ll also know the Pinterest fails. Those are basically when people see amazing stuff on Pinterest, attempt to replicate it, and then fail catastrophically. Have a look here if you want to have a laugh.

Because I know how difficult some of the stuff in here is, I am always wary when I find things I want to do, and I always take forever to try to make them.

For a while, I had seen a tutorial to clean your make up brushes. I always end up grossed out with my brushes, and tend to just discard them and buy new ones. I am not one to buy some expensive product to clean them, when it would be cheaper to just buy new ones, especially since my brushes are not usually expensive.

After I practised the Halloween make up that I never wore in the end, the state of some of my brushes was terrible. And so I decided it was a great excuse to follow the tutorial to clean make up brushes and see if it worked. I’m linking directly to the website, rather than the pin, here.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy: washing liquid, vinegar and water. I wasn’t entirely convinced, especially by the vinegar, as I didn’t want my brushes to stink afterwards, so I added less vinegar than instructed (I told you I never follow the recipes, didn’t I??) and followed the rest of the instructions.

I’m not sure if you can see properly how filthy some of the brushes are. Of course, the red one is very easy to spot, because it’s full of water based make up, but some of the others are equally dirty, even if we can’t see it on the pictures.
The one that worried me the most is the second one from the right, as this is the one I use for my foundation. You can see the beige colour on it.

After washing and rinsing the brushes in the soap and vinegar concoction, and then rinsing them, I made sure I got them back into shape and let them to dry on top of kitchen roll and a towel. I have to say I was very impressed with the results afterwards!
Can you see the difference on the black flat brush above? The one on the left on that picture, second from the right on the picture further above.
I was very impressed it worked. Some of the brushes smelt a bit of vinegar when they were still wet, but don’t seem to smell anymore now they’re dry. I would say the experiment was as success!

Now, what am I going to try out of Pinterest next?