Three steps to yummy

Baked shortbread cooling

Today, I found out that I’m what they call a Millennial. I’ve seen the word in many blogs and articles, and I always thought it was related to the 20-somethings, or so, but it seems it’s anyone born in the early 80s as well. I’m a Millennial.

Not that it has anything to do with anything, but it was sort of a discovery for me. The amount of articles I haven’t read, just because I thought weren’t aimed at me… Ah, you live, you learn.

Anyway, sorry, I just needed to share that information with someone.

Today, I also had a haircut. I’m still not sure whether I’m going to grow it again or not, so I’m trying to style it differently for now. So far, the only feedback I’ve had was my brother saying something along the lines of my hairdo being too styled (one of those things lost in translation, I guess), so I’m now left with the worry that it might actually not suit me. Luckily, it grows quickly, so in a month it should be alright, if that’s the case.

Yesterday, I baked again. I’ve been given it a lot of thought lately. My mum commented on a photo by saying that I’m baking quite a lot lately, for not having much of a sweet tooth. I think the reason why I do this is because I like the look on people’s faces when they eat a piece of cake I’ve baked and they like it. I guess it’s an easy way to get other’s appreciation.

Yes, that’s it. I baked out of a need of being needed… It does sound silly, doesn’t it? Maybe I need to think a bit longer…

I wanted to bring something to work, especially since I’m going away for two weeks (not really going away, I’m staying in London, but you know what I mean), but I wasn’t sure what to do. After looking at different recipes and websites, and reading all of Pinterest, I decided not to bake a cake and bake shortbread cookies instead.

The problem with baking is that usually I don’t have all the ingredients needed, and it annoys me having to buy stuff I’m not really going to use that often, so I try to find recipes I can make with the ingredients I already have, and I also improvise a bit.

This recipe claimed to be super easy and super quick, and oh boy, it was. This is a three ingredient shortbread cookie recipe, and it took me no time to make it.
Photo of butter, flour and icing sugar
First, I mixed the butter and the flour with my hands (I love using my hands to squeeze butter, and preparing food in general).
Butter and flour
After I added the sugar (the recipe calls for powder sugar, I used icing sugar, not sure if it’s the same, but it worked), I rolled the dough and cut the shapes. I’m not very good at this, I’m afraid, so I couldn’t take pictures of the process. Too much going on, too much dough everywhere, etc. Somehow, I managed to cut quite a bunch of them. I then rolled the dough into a… roll? and put it in the fridge to cool a bit.
Baked shortbread cooling
While the cookies were cooling down, I took the dough sausage out of the fridge and sliced it to make more cookies. I don’t have any photos of that process either, mainly because I just wanted it done. It’s amazing how long it takes to cut all the shapes, and then it’s only like four cookies. OK, more than four, but it felt like four anyway.
Baked shortbread cooling
I brought all of them into work (after trying a couple at home, to make sure they were apt for human consumption), and once again people seemed to like them, so I’m quite chuffed about it.

A side note, actually, every time I bake for work, I have issues with the public transport to get to the office. It was amusing at first, the whole great, I can sit down thing, but now it’s just getting annoying, especially because I can’t sit down! Luckily the cookies were stashed in my handbag and I wasn’t carrying anything bulky, like a cake!

So that’s all. Three ingredients. Delicious.

I’m going on holidays soon, and I’m having the office party on Wednesday… I have something in mind to write about then, but I’m going to have to be clever during these two weeks and get stuff written in advance, because I know myself.

(Damn, now I want a cookie…)
Shortbread cookies