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The Sunday Post

This past week has been weird. I fell sick on my last few days of holidays, and spent a couple of days working from home, feeling poorly, sneezing and being all around disgusting. By Thursday, I was feeling much better, even if my throat still hurt and my voice sounded a bit broken.

I have the feeling I’ve wasted a week of my life overall, but what can you do, right? You just cover yourself in layers, take meds, bring tonnes of tissue wherever you go and move on.

On Thursday I discovered a little place around Soho that serve juice, tea and smoothies. It’s called Juice Tonic, and it was awesome. If you’ve never been and are in the area, make sure to pay them a visit. The guys are very friendly and look like wizards when they’re preparing your drink. They’re also up for a laugh if you’re in a chatty mood!
Yesterday, I attended the latest Halloween Jack gig, at the 229 in Great Portland Street. The venue was really cool, not too big, but comfortable enough for housing the audience (friends and other halves) of five different bands. I was very happy when I saw that the sound table (the mixer? The sound guy!) was very easily approachable, because I’ve always been curious to know how it’s done. Soon enough, I was chatting with Mr. Sound, who was explaining most of his secrets (he referred to some as doing magic stuff, so fair enough, he shouldn’t share all his trade secrets, or I would steal his job! Ha-ha, as if that could actually happen).
My role for the night was, once again, to take photos of the guys, only this time they also wanted me to take photos before the gig, posing and stuff. I’ve never taken photos of a group, and I know people become very self-conscious about posing (heck, I posed for a photo shoot recently myself and it was very uncomfortable at first), the trick being having a good photographer who gives clear directions and makes you feel at ease… which I’m not. The result? I have a few photos that look cool, mainly because the guys are cool themselves, and a bunch of photos that make me cringe. We live and we learn, I guess.

The photos aren’t ready yet, almost, but not quite, and I’ll share some of them once I’m happy with them and the band are happy too. At the moment I have about 60 photos that can be workable to different degrees, once I go into each of them in detail let’s see how much I love/hate them.

Other than that, it was a fun night. Oh, it was also the first night I had my tattoo on display, wearing a sleeveless top, so that was also cool, I felt very rock’n’roll!

This week I’ll be working on the photos from the concert, and getting a couple of posts ready for you – I realised I never shared the photos of the carrot cake, for example! Hopefully I won’t disappoint with my new attempt at a schedule.

How was your week and weekend? Did you get to do anything fun?