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Carrot Cake

Detail on decoration for carrot cake by Marta Nava

If I remember correctly, I never shared with you the photos and recipe for the carrot cake I made a while ago. Today I’m going to right that wrong.

Sean’s mum invited me for dinner at her place before Christmas. I had only been there once, and I had had a lot of fun in their company, and the dinner was amazing, so I couldn’t wait to visit her again. Since I didn’t want to arrive empty handed (especially since the previous time I had brought a bottle of wine that Sean and I had finished), I baked a carrot cake to bring it there.

The only issue is that I want to share with all of you everything I bake, which means sometimes I bring cakes that have been already cut into, so I can have photos taken in the best lighting possible (I do realise sometimes the photos I take don’t have great lighting anyway, but you know what I mean). In any case, I brought the cake, and oh my, it was good.
Slice of Carrot Cake by Marta Nava
As usual, I took a recipe I found online and did some variations due to my inability to follow rules. This claimed to be the Best Carrot Cake, by Gimme Some Oven. Let me tell you, I’m not a fan of carrot cakes, I think I might have eaten one piece in my life and I fell in love with this cake. I totally made up for all the previous uneaten carrot cakes in all my years!

Andrew, another of Sean’s friends who had also been invited to dinner, loves carrot cake and he said it was awesome. I asked him to be completely honest a few times, and to hurt my feelings if necessary, but he loved it as well. Score!
Carrot Cake by Marta Nava
Unfortunately, I don’t remember the changes I made to the recipe, mainly that I divided the mixture into two cake moulds instead of three, and that I didn’t manage to get the right consistency for the frosting, especially in between cake layers, so it ended up dripping. Other than that, it was such an easy cake, and such a great taste, that I can’t wait to bake it again!
Carrot Cake by Marta Nava
I also ended up with way too much frosting, again, but I don’t know if that’s a normal thing bakers do… I guess I’ll have to invest on some good containers that I can fill with frosting and pop into the freezer.
Detail on decoration for carrot cake by Marta Nava
What do you think about carrot cakes? Do you love them or hate them? Have you tried baking them?