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TGIF. No, seriously.

It’s always interesting when I learn of someone else in my circle who reads this blog… I never really expect people who know me to actually read it, but I guess curiosity is quite a strong temptation to resist.

First of all, let me clarify something: I’m not in such a dark place as to do something silly. A few people have talked to me since my last post, asked me how I was feeling (aw, thanks guys) and then expressed they were worried about me. Don’t be, I’m alright. Everyone has periods of time when they feel a bit down and others when everything seems to look bright. Right now, I’m not in a pitch-black place, let’s say it’s more of a twilight area (not the sparkly type though!), but that’s the beauty of life, it’s a bloody roller coaster. If everything was peachy all the time it would be pretty boring.

Last weekend I was feeling completely out of life points. You know those video games when you get hit and your stamina goes down, and then it’s more difficult to perform tasks? (I’m thinking of you, Tony Hawk for the PS2, when playing against my brother and every time he hit me, or did a trick, he would get faster and my skater would get slower!!) Well, last weekend was a bit like that. Nothing seemed to be going my way for a few days, and at some point, I had some shocking news (shocking is not really the right word) that took all my energy out of my body, so I slept and did nothing.

As you know, this week has been hectic! That has been bad, because it means I’m extremely tired and prone to accidents, but it’s helped because the less free time I have, the less time I spend over-thinking things. I have a relatively bad short-term memory, so it’s safe to say that if I don’t think about something for about 10 minutes, it’s gone out of my mind forever (and that’s one of the reasons while I always, always carry pen and paper and I always have to finish what I’m doing before paying attention to something else).

It’s been a tough week, but it’s also been fun.

Yesterday, I got myself a new gadget to record videos and take photos, which I can’t wait to start using soon!

After work, I went to the hairdresser’s to get a haircut (or to fix the weird shape my hair was starting to get). My friend Amit* was going the same way, so we walked together. We are always arguing about what’s the fastest way to walk to Waterloo, and we don’t seem to agree. After the haircut, once I got home, I took part in an online focus group to give my opinions for a new service my phone provider is thinking of offering. It was weird, but it was fun, and it seems they’re going to pay me money for it. It’s the second time I get paid a lot of money to give my opinions. A few months ago I took part in an interview for the NHS and they gave me… I can’t remember, either £30 or £50. Last night I earnt £20. How cool is that?

*It’s funny to learn that someone has read your blog, at least people you don’t expect! It’s also interesting, because many people around me have featured here, but I don’t always mentioned them by name, so they don’t know it’s them! When Amit told me today he had read the blog, while we walked again to the train station, and he said he got surprised that everyone seemed to know Brian by name (if you remember, I did mention him without any introduction!), I explained how it works here, as in, how it works in my mind! First, you’re someone, then you’re a friend, then you’re my friend whatever your name is, and finally you just get to be mentioned by first name. It all has a plan, it just depends how many interactions we have, the more interaction, the more likely to be mentioned here. So there you go, you’ve been featured today!

(That was a long aside note, phew!)

Today, I’m physically exhausted. This morning I spent it tidying the area around my desk, because it was a complete mess! It was a bit tiring, but then, I went to our storage room with my colleague Andrea to sort out all the marketing material and banners and giveaways, and figure out what to donate, give the employees, throw away or keep. We had a break for lunch, and then we kept tidying. It was so exhausting! At around 3.30pm, we decided we had had enough, and I went to help prepare the Friday drinks that happen every two weeks in our office. The whole social committee was there helping, so it didn’t take that long, but by the time we finished, I was pretty much ready to go home and sleep.

A couple of beers later, and I just wanted to get out of there, come home and get into my PJs.

So, yeah, I walked again to the station with Amit (see, first name!), and that’s when he mentioned about reading my last post and that he too had been worried. Now I’m the one who is worried that maybe I shouldn’t have posted it, or maybe I should have been more careful with how it read… Rest assured, everyone, I’m fine.

I was messaging Brian while on the train and realising he was just ahead of me (yay fast trains from Waterloo!). I was trying to get to Lewisham at the same time as him so we could get the bus together, but I missed him for a minute or so.

Of course, the funniest part of the evening was having an accident in front of two good looking guys on the bus. I banged my knee against the panel way too hard when I was standing up, and they looked at me because of the noise. Such a classy way of catching a man’s attention, isn’t it? I got off the bus limping a bit, while everyone stared at me, but hey, that’s how I roll.

This weekend is going to be nice and chilled. I have no big plans, no places to go. As soon as I think it’s socially acceptable, I will go to bed tonight. Tomorrow, I want to get up at a decent time, although given how tired I am, I might sleep through the weekend. Should that be the case, send me a prince to wake me up! Actually, no, don’t, let me get some beauty sleep. If I can, I’ll finally bring my sewing machine to get fixed, because I’ve been lazy and that’s unacceptable. My friend Maria Grazia had a hole in her jumper, and I offered to fix it, so I’ll do that (that, and a bunch of socks and other stuff I have to fix!) and lately I’m feeling like I want to do creative stuff, so I might write, or try to do some graphic design, as I have a few ideas hovering above my head.
I finally uploaded all the photos from the gig to flickr. I know I’m a pain, going on about this, but I’m quite proud of myself!

If you get any ideas about how to use my new recording gadget, send them my way! I’m really looking forward to play with it a bit and who knows, maybe I’ll make an awesome video and become an internet sensation, oh yeah!