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Another week passes by

The weekend is almost here again… It’s unbelievable how fast this week has gone, and how busy I’ve been.

The most interesting thing happening at the moment is a desk move we’re having in our offices this weekend. I know it sounds silly to be excited about sitting somewhere else, but it’s a break from the usual office-related monotony. I’m quite happy with the change because I will be leaving one of the most transited areas, and will be going back to where I used to sit a few months ago.

At the moment, I sit by a door and by the printer. This results in constant traffic of people behind me, hitting my chair when walking past, calling my name (if we’re friends, and yes, randomly, without wanting anything, just say my name and keep walking…), rapping the desk next to me with their knuckles… Something quite annoying is that it seems to be a point where people part ways, so I get all the last minute conversations when people are leaving meetings, you know the ones, those that you’re walking but still talking about some topic and then spend another 15 minutes standing in the middle. Yup, I get to hear all of those.

A fun (read, not fun) thing that happens very often is that by sitting by the printer, everyone automatically assumes I’m the printer expert (or the stationery expert, for that matter – stationery, with an e, by the way). I get asked questions that range from Is the printer working? to Do you know how to scan a document?, with all the range in between (I’m getting this error message, Do you know how to change the toner?, It says there’s paper jammed, do you know how to fix it?). It doesn’t help that I know the answer to many of those questions, but I should simply reply they need to contact IT.

I’m quite glad of leaving this area in favour of a quieter one!

This whole week I’ve been working on getting two events ready, as well as clearing out desks for the move (so we don’t have to pack and bring to our new area a lot of rubbish), so it’s been quite varied!

The weekend is going to be an interesting one, starting tonight, when I’m meeting a friend to catch up after my gym session. Tomorrow, I’m trying out (at last) the gym in Lewisham and getting a tour and a free pass. After, I need to run some errands (don’t judge me, but I still haven’t taken my sewing machine to be serviced), and I’m hoping to bake.

On Sunday, I’m meeting with Halloween Jack to help them with a video they’re recording. On Sunday evening, I’ll probably just fall unconscious on my bed.

Everything else in my life is the same.

Next week we’re having a couple of team lunches (actual work team, and Body Project team), so I’ll have to be careful to not put on the little weight I’ve already lost! Also, we’re doing our book club meeting on Wednesday, so I will share some review of Ancillary Justice later in the week, keep an eye out!

I’ve been trying to keep track of the outfits I wear, and maybe share them here, kind of a diary, but I keep forgetting to take pictures, so it’s a failure before I’ve even started!! Yesterday I was wearing something really cool, and whenever I was going near the toilets, I kept remembering I wanted to take a photo, only I never had my phone with me then (there’s a full length mirror in the office toilets). Maybe I’ll try in February, but don’t keep your hopes high.

Regarding the training… Yesterday I did the body buffer workout, which was 45 minutes long. There were a lot of weights involved, and many of the reps were for longer than a minute, so it was painful. I’m a bit sore today, but not too much, which makes me think tomorrow is going to be brutal. As long as it works… I’m quite happy because I managed to do a total of 20 mini press ups. Why mini? Because I wasn’t digging too deep. I am unable to do press ups due to lack of upper body strength, a lazy core (work in progress), and the fact that my right elbow hurts when I try to dig deep, so I’m taking baby steps. I had to put one hand on a medicine ball (I used a kettle ball instead, so not so much about the balance, but well, you gotta work with what you have) and the other one on the floor. Usually, I would do like five press ups in total, so doing 10 on each side is quite an accomplishment! Next objective, triceps dips! I need to manage to do more than three!

How was your week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?


  1. Roseta says

    Este fin de semana si el tiempo lo permite y creo que si, iremos a una manifestación el sábado a las doce de la mañana por el pueblo y para el pueblo. El domingo iremos a buscar a la abuela para que venga a casa y vea a su nieto, y poco más. Un beso

    • Muy bien, fin de semana ajetreado también! Dadle un beso a la abuela de mi parte, y besos a vosotros! x

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