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And it’s gone

It is undeniable that your body knows better than you do. I’m not trying to be metaphysical or anything, it’s just that our body knows its limits.

When you try to push it, you can only do so until you reach your limit and before you damage yourself, your body stops you. It will faint or it will give you a minor injury so that you stop whatever it is you’re doing and rest.

I haven’t been anywhere near my limits, and that’s not it, but it’s true that I’ve been very tired lately. Yesterday, I tried out the local gym with my friend Oummou, and since I wasn’t sure what to try, I went on the treadmill for a cheeky 10-minute run (which made me sweat a lot!), and then tried out different machines. I stepped on the step machine (ha!) and I hated every second of the 30 seconds I lasted, so I went on to the cross trainer, which was still tough, but much more enjoyable. The one machine I really wanted to try was the rowing one. It turns out I loved it. I changed the setting to have some resistance (5 out of 10) and set myself to row only 1000m, just to try, and it made me sweat and got me tired enough. Since it wasn’t supposed to be my workout day, I decided that half an hour of different machines was enough, and then I watched Oummou fight the power plate (well done, by the way).

After that, I went to Deptford to leave my sewing machine in the good hands of the local sewing and servicing shop. Hopefully it’ll be ready in a week. The main issue with this is that it was cold, and raining, and the buses weren’t coming.

I had been sneezing for a while already, and yesterday, after my trip to Deptford, I really wasn’t feeling that great. On my way back, my whole body ached and I was starving, so I did something bad… I popped into Burger King and had myself a massive meal, one of those with more calories that you could ever imagine. Again, waiting in the rain for the bus that would take me home, I was feeling I was going down.

As soon as I got home, I threw myself on the bed, and stayed there, unable to move, for half an hour. Gathering all my strength, I resolved to grab water and just get into bed. You know how it goes, the stages of getting a cold… A couple of hours later my throat felt like razorblades, my nose was completely blocked and I had a headache. I slept for the rest of the day (so I guess in the end I didn’t really go over my daily calorie intake, since I didn’t have dinner… I know it’s bad to skip meals, but it’s better to rest, isn’t it?) and woke up for enough time to let the guys at Halloween Jack know that I was probably going to skip the recording session today.

Because I’m a positive person, I set my alarm clock anyway, in time to get up and get ready, and journey across London to Acton to meet them, but when the alarm went off, I felt beaten. I fell asleep again. Once I managed to wake up feeling more or less rested, but still sick, I confirmed I wasn’t going to the studio and simply rolled over. I spent my morning in bed, texting some friends and watching Mad Men.

I still feel the cold, but I’m feeling much better. Obviously, I needed to rest and my body decided to stop me on my tracks. I don’t feel as tired as I was feeling yesterday, when the mere effort of standing up was exhausting, so I’m hoping that I can get back to the gym tomorrow after work, even if for a light session.

On another note, my sewing machine seems fixable. The guy at the shop told me that the feeding feet seemed wrong, and that they needed to reset it, which meant open it up completely and doing stuff. He was fairly confident that was what was wrong with it and he should have it ready by next weekend. It’ll be like having a brand new machine, and I can’t wait to start using it again.

For now, today I’m going to take it easy… Good food, lots of rest, and maybe more series, but no physical activity. Rest days are important!