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Day off

This is no way to enjoy a day off… I’ve been moving around more than on a normal day!

Today I have been off work, because I wanted to run some errands, but I think it might have been a bad idea.

I’m happy it was a rest day yesterday, because I’m struggling today. After work, I went to Oummou’s flat to have dinner and watch The Great British Sewing Bee. She hadn’t watched the first episode, so we did a catch up and watched it first. It was difficult to hide my excitement and to try to not give away any details of what was about to happen.

After, we watched the second episode. It was like a Sewing Bee marathon! Last year, I got obsessed with the neckties. This year so far, I’m in love with the waistcoats. The contestants had to make one for children, and they were all super cute. I was very happy to see my favourite contestants were getting ahead, and that the one I didn’t really like left at the end of the day.

Today, I finally went to pick up my sewing machine, which has made me very happy. The guys have managed to fix it, and when I picked it up, the needle was wrapped in tissue and there was a bit spool of red thread next to it. Under the needle, a strip of fabric with different stitches done. It seems they oiled it, and the tissue was soaking the excess. They removed it and stuck the spool again by the needle (so that means, I now have a big spool of red thread, score!). I was also advised to try the machine out first, because it might stain my fabric at the beginning.

After that, it was errands, you know, groceries, picking up prescriptions, and all that.

I’ve been all day so far feeling very sleepy and tired, and walking was a bit of an effort (especially while carrying the sewing machine around). Now, I’m getting ready to go to the charity house, to spend the night. I’m bringing my workout stuff because unfortunately, today is not a rest day. I’m supposed to run 8k tomorrow, but I’ll postpone it to Sunday (which means it’ll look like I skipped a session on the app, even though I won’t).

Tomorrow, I’m having lunch with Sean, who I haven’t seen in a while, and then it’ll be back to the house.

I’m quite annoyed that I’m not able to sleep in until late any day this weekend, because I can feel my body is running a bit on fumes this week (and I could probably fall asleep right now if I closed my eyes…) but I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not just being lazy in front of the sofa.

What are you doing this weekend?