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More things that make me happy

So, you know, just when you don’t feel at your best, that’s when you need to make an effort to get back on track, because that’s when it counts. I’m not feeling that happy at the moment, so I thought I’d compile another list of the things that cheer me up, see if it works… I’ll let you know at the bottom of the post!

Many of these things aren’t life-changing, they aren’t the things that stop you in your tracks in awe. Many of these things are everyday stuff, supposed to make you smile. To be honest, I’m probably even going to repeat myself when listing some of those, but that’s how life works sometimes.

Just a tiny bit of background here… I’m not having the best of times. I seem to be running after my own self, trying to catch up. My health isn’t as good as it could be (nothing life threatening, don’t worry), and whenever I get back up to work out, something else happens that forces me to stop (like neck pain, or knee pain, or migraines, or the flu… are you as tired as I am of this happening so often?).

If I believed in curses, which I don’t, I would say someone has jinxed me. Do you have any aura cleansing spells lying around? Send them my way (only positive stuff, please, I can’t deal with any more negativity!).

At the moment, the main thing keeping me in motion is my snowboarding holiday. I can’t wait. It’s filling me with a bit of dread, for different reasons (a strong one is peer pressure, more to come on that).

Anyway, happy stuff! Here’s my latest list, in no particular order:

  1. Feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my face.
  2. When my hard work gets recognised at work.
  3. Going to bars, shops or restaurants, and the staff remembering me, and my order (especially when I don’t expect it).
  4. Snuggling with a kitten.
  5. Playing with a dog.
  6. When people randomly mention they read my blog.
  7. People randomly suggesting new topics or posts for my blog.
  8. Making others smile, even if briefly.
  9. Re-discovering an old favourite band and listening to it non-stop everyday for a whole week.
  10. A nice glass of wine.
  11. People telling me I’ve inspired them.
  12. Seeing the scales stay around the same number, even if I haven’t worked out in two weeks.
  13. Managing to do one push up or one burpee more than the week before.
  14. When a best friend gives me a hug out of the blue (usually randomly at work!).
  15. Getting a new like or follower on the blog (or social media, but mostly the blog).
  16. Interacting with people (sometimes).
  17. Being on my own (sometimes).
  18. A good book.
  19. Receiving a new package in the post, especially if it’s a gadget.
  20. Buying new fabric and yarn.
  21. https://instagram.com/p/zanD3iQlwt

  22. Haberdashery.
  23. Stationery.
  24. Making stuff.
  25. Making something for a friend, and seeing their face when they receive it as a present.
  26. Smiling. Smiling’s my favourite.

Just reading the list above makes me smile, so I guess all those things work. Also, reading the list above makes me realise how much I miss having a cat or a dog…

What makes you happy?


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