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Another week, another battle

I was going to start this post with some upbeat, positive energy intro about it being a new week and all that. You know, yay!

Going by the last weeks, I’m going to write something about getting back up and blah, blah, and within 20 minutes, karma, the universe, or whoever is in charge, is going to make something happen again. So instead, what I’m going to say to this week is, bring it on, b****!.

It was a good thing I didn’t do as I initially intended, wrote the post last night and schedule it for this morning (which means, I’m writing this on my phone, while on the happy train to work, so forgive any typos). As I expected, something already happened. As I was drying my hair, my hair dryer suddenly stopped working. Normally, I would go on a mini-rant, and mostly worry about the bad hair day ahead. However, I was expecting it. Well, not it-it, I was expecting something. I simply unplugged the dryer, ruffled my hair a bit, sighed and made a mental note to pop into Boots at lunchtime to check hairdryers out. Moving on.

If all goes well, I’ll be going to the gym today. Can we all please cross our fingers so that it all goes well? Not only for me, but also for you too.

So it’s a new week. Let’s focus on the sunshine, and if life gives us lemons, let’s grab the tequila and have a blast.

Have an awesome week!