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Blog-ception, a post about the blog itself!

Today, I decided to show you the front page of the blog, and explain a bit how you can navigate it more easily, if you’re interested on it. I know some of you have had some issues in the past, and I thought maybe there are more of you out there!

In order to do that in a clear way, I’ve decided to take a screenshot of the front page (or rather, a bunch of them), and explain it. I hope this helps!

First of all, you’ll find the top menus and the featured posts. There are two different top menus, one for the different pages of the blog, and one for categories. These menus, along the name of the blog on the left, will always show at the top. If you ever want to return to the front page, simply click on [shutter and ink] and you’ll come back to it.

The pages of the blog are About, Blog, FAQ, Contact me and Disclaimer. You can find this menu on the top right corner, next to the Search function. Right underneath, the main category menu is displayed. Here you can find posts by the different main topics I write about: Life, Crafts, Photography, Travelling or Book Club.

Top menus and featured
Right underneath there’s the Filter, where you can search posts in a broader manner, filtering them by topics, dates, etc.

The main focus of the blog, when you open the front page is the Featured Posts. These are posts that I really liked writing, or that I think look really good, and I decided to share them in a more prominent manner. You can click on the arrows on each side of the main photo to see the previous or next featured post. They’re not necessarily the latest posts I’ve written.

Right, moving on…

Below, you’ll find different types of posts again.

First, we have three Latest posts. They are as it says on the tin, the latest ones, by date of publishing. They look a bit hidden, but if you follow the blog via email, Facebook or WordPress, you will be notified when a new post is out, so you won’t really miss them. Ever!

Just below there are four Crafts posts. Most of them will have a featured image, but maybe not all, as you can see below. So, as you see, you can access the categories through different ways, just choose whichever is easier for you!
Latest and crafts
On the right of the crafty posts, you can see a pretty picture of me. Yup, that’s me (hello!). If you click on the bold text, you will be taken to the About page (which you can also access through the top right menu!).

Let’s keep scrolling down…

On the left, we have four posts about Photography. Unfortunately, at the moment these are not updated as often as others, but I’m planning on doing more photography posts this year, so watch this space!

On the right, we have different boxes on the sidebar.

The first one, is all the ways you can connect with me and the blog. All the social media platforms I am member of are listed in there! Feel free to connect, follow and like!

Right underneath you can click to follow the blog via WordPress (if you’re a member), or by email (if you’re not). You will only receive emails whenever I post something which, let’s be honest, it’s not that often, but even if you think it’s too much you can change the frequency as well!

Below that box you will see the latest Review I’ve written, be it a book from the book club, or a series or a film.
Photography and sidebar
Finally, a little image/inspiration from Pinterest.

I like inspiring others (or at least trying!), and I like quotes. So at the bottom, I will share different quotes from time to time, which I hope you also find interesting.

Below the quote, you will find the different footers.
Quote and footers
On the very left, another link to the About page, just because I think it’s good you can refer back to it from different places. Next to it, a list of the latest posts I’ve published.

In the middle you can find all the categories, neatly listed for you, so you can access them easily, and on its right, a dropdown menu with all the archives (month and year), in case you don’t really like using the filter at the top. On the far right, the posts that had the most likes and views (so you can see what people are enjoying reading at the moment!).

Finally, at the very bottom, you will find links to the different social media platforms, and another one that just appears there, telling you this blog is done on WordPress and its look is thanks to a theme called Zuki.

That’s it. That’s the front page. Hopefully it makes sense, and it helps you find the posts you’re looking for easily and fast. Everything is in there!

Let me know what you think about the front page, if you like it or not, and how you think could be improved by leaving a comment below, or sending an email to hello[at]shutterandink[dot]com. I would love to hear your thoughts!