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Haven’t you heard? It’s Bank Holiday weekend! Get ready for three days of rest. Just make sure you bring your sunglasses, and your umbrella, just in case…

Because it always rains on Bank Holiday weekend. I haven’t checked the weather forecast yet, but that’s usually the case in London.

This week has been a bit tough. I had a client event which has been harder than I expected, mostly because we finished late, and because it was in two floors of a pub, which meant I spent most of my evening running up and down the stairs. By the end of the night, I was very tired (I left at 11pm, but it was still packed!) and I was so focused on not losing work’s camera, that I actually forgot my cardigan. Fail! I only noticed the following morning, when I wanted to wear it and I couldn’t find it.

Luckily, a colleague had found it and brought it to me in the morning, as lost property, not knowing it was actually mine! Score!

I had the chance to chat with a bunch of people, and a lot of clients. It was tiring, but interesting to learn how different clients use our services. I also met a fellow photographer. If you have a chance, visit his Flickr account, his photos are really good, Glenn Radford Photography.

Speaking of photography… Tomorrow I’m going on a photo walk with Brian. We still don’t know exactly where we’re going, but we want it to be varied. In the evening, I’m planning to take some street/urban photos in London for a project I’m going to be working on soon (watch this space!), so I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been a while since I last took my camera and tripod for a walk, and I’m starting to miss it a lot. Tomorrow will be fun! I just need to remember to wear my comfortable trainers, because I’ve been standing way too much this week.

One of my colleagues at work, Marc, went to France this week and kindly offered to bring me French goodies. The first thing I asked was for reblochon cheese, of course. Hopefully, I will make tartiflette on Sunday. If I manage to make it properly, and if I manage to make it look nice, I’ll take photos and post the recipe at some point.

Speaking of recipes, I have a recipe coming soon for all of you. The cool part of this is that it won’t be a recipe from the Internet, but a family one! I can’t wait to share it with you (sorry, not a baking recipe, I’m afraid…).

It’s interesting that we have been in our building at work for a few years now and I’ve never thought of buying lunch from Leon before. I’ve always looked at their sign, and loved the design and the colours, but I never even knew what sort of food they served. I always thought it was something similar to Cafe Rouge or something like that.

Today, I was going to have lunch on my own, so I decided to walk to H&M to look at clothes and on my way back, I went into Leon to try. I was a bit confused at first as to what was available. It seemed they didn’t have much variety of things, but the overall look of the place won me over straight away. Even though I was buying to take away, I think next time I will stay there to enjoy the atmosphere.

I decided to order the sweet potato falafel hot box, which was just under £6 (about the same price as everywhere else around the office, sadly).

They gave me my food in a very pretty bag, although it was a bit way too big. For some reason, I love paper bags that have been stamped with a brand. I think they look much better than going full-on with branding, plastics, etc.
Stamp on Leon bag
Leon paper bag
The falafel came in a cardboard box, as pretty much every other takeaway food in the area.
Falafel box
When I opened the box, however, I already knew I was going to love it. It looked much lighter than the usual falafel from down the corner (although it’s also smaller). The main difference is that Leon’s is baked instead of fried. My colleagues mentioned they didn’t like the fact that Leon’s falafel is not crunchy, which I agree with, but the taste is really good.
Sweet potato falafel from Leon
Also, it had sweet potato in it, and it’s gluten and wheat free, so it’s a really good choice of meal. The whole thing was kind of refreshing (possibly the mint and the soya milk, I don’t know). Also, anything with cabbage is already a win in my books.
Sweet potato falafel from Leon
My colleagues can tell you, I was super excited about this falafel, and even more excited about discovering a new place to eat!

I can’t wait to go again. I’ve been told their baked fries are pretty amazing too.

As a bonus, their website is quite cool (I really like the transitions when clicking on the different meals to see the options).

I don’t normally post a lot about restaurants, especially kind of takeaway places, but I was very impressed with the food. I’m definitely going back soon and sit at a table to eat in!

After that, it was setting up the Friday drinks at work, which was again harder work than usual. My legs are killing me today, but it’s been a good week (a tough one, but varied).

So yeah, keep an eye out for a couple of recipes, and more photography soon!


  1. angel says

    Tiene buena pinta la comida, la bolsa está bien

    • marz says

      Estaba muy bueno. Estoy preparando un post con una receta de croquetas para el blog!

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