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I’m not really sure if I’m getting old or if I’m simply losing my mind at a slow by steady pace.

Although it is probably the latter, I think I’m going to tell you so you can judge for yourself.

A few days ago, I was having dinner with my brother. Having set the table, and with the food already served, I went to the kitchen to grab a last-minute item, when my brother asked me to also bring ketchup. I opened the fridge, grabbed the ketchup, and saw some beers there he had bought earlier that same week. I asked him if I could have one of his beers and as I was finishing the question, I said out loud: Ah, no, I already have wine, true! and turned to see my brother looking at my with an expression that could only mean I’m a bit crazy (or that I have a problem with alcohol). On the table, there were the two glasses of wine we had just served.

On that same evening, I stood up from the sofa, and barely touched my knee with the table, and this is exactly what I said: Ouch! Ah no, I haven’t hit myself at all.

Today, I was getting ready to go to the charity house, and for the past hour or so, I’ve been sitting, reading the social media updates, reading news and otherwise wasting time until it was time to leave. Suddenly, I thought about checking whether my evening tomorrow was free, and maybe text people to make plans after work, or go to the hairdresser’s or something.

Here’s what I saw:
Yes. I’m due at the house tomorrow, not today. I called to confirm, just in case I had made a mistake when writing it down…

Lately, I’m always doing stuff like this. I make plans that I forget, or I have it in my mind that I’m due to do things later on, or earlier, even when I have my agenda right in front of my eyes.

I was going to publish a recipe today, but I needed to share this with you. Now, I have the rest of the day for myself, so I will work on the recipe post, and I will work on the photos from Saturday.

What is it? Am I losing my marbles or am I getting old?