Running is almost here

It’s only a couple of days until the 5k Race for Life in Battersea, and I couldn’t be any less ready.

If I remember correctly (and I think I do, but don’t quote me on it), the last time I went for a run was before my snowboarding trip back in March. Even then, I think it had been a few days before then (maybe a week?). Now, it’s June and I’ve become a couch potato once again. Dangit!

Every time I think back to the half marathon, I think it was both an achievement and my doom. For some reason, I think it put me off running for a while. I know that was over a year ago, but I know running has never been the same since then. For a while, I was too tired or over-run to get back on the treadmill, and after, I don’t know, it’s been injuries and stuff. I haven’t found my mojo yet.

When I signed up for this run, I barely thought about it. I’ve taken part every year since I discovered it three years ago, and the only time I missed it was last year because I was abroad. Now, the run is on Wednesday, and I’m thinking I shouldn’t even try.

After that run, the following week, I’m supposed to run 10k for a Nike one… Imagine how I’m feeling about that one.

However, you know, charity and all that, and I think I do still like running. I really do. How do I know this? Because the other day I received an email to sign up for a half marathon next year in in Reading, and I actually considered it. Yes, look at that, I’m thinking I might be ready to tackle 21k again… even though I don’t seem to be ready to run 5k on Wednesday.

Of course, as it’s been customary for the past few months, I’m tired all the time. If I could, I would sleep for a week straight. However, even at weekends now I’m finding myself waking up at 6am (I’m not too crazy, I simply stay in bed watching series and reading the news).

All the runners out there, how do you get out of the ditch when you don’t feel like running? It’s not only about leaving all the clothes ready the previous night, but what works for you? What challenges do you set for yourselves? How do you trick yourselves into lacing up your shoes?

At this point, I’m eager to try anything that might work and get me those few first steps taken, so feel free to drop me some ideas!

Finally, and sorry to spam you all with it, I’m running for charity, helping beat cancer with Cancer Research. I would be very happy if you could do a donation, no matter how small (and it might even motivate me more on Wednesday!).


  1. Roseta says

    Mucho ánimo si te lo propones tú puedes. Vamos campeona.

    • marz says

      Se hará lo que se pueda, pero lo veo difícil… Gracias de todas maneras!

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