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Update on progress

There’s nothing like a long weekend to make you feel great, and there’s nothing like a long weekend in which the day you have off is a Monday.

If I’m completely honest with all of you, I haven’t done that much this weekend. At first I thought I would have time to make another dent at my stuff, but I spent Saturday running errands. On Sunday I had photos taken, thanks to a voucher I bought a while ago, and today, well, I haven’t done much either. That’s the beauty of weekends, isn’t it?

I am doing this crazy overhaul of my life at the moment, getting rid of everything that seems to be weighing me down. Unfortunately, there are some aspects I’m stuck with for the foreseeable future, but hey, baby steps. Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, and all that. So anyway, as you know, I’m getting rid of a lot of my stuff, to create space for myself, as well as calmness and wellness or whatever.

Anything sending negative vibes my way has to go. That also included my old phone, which was very negative for my mental stability. That also includes people.

I’ve realised, after many years, that I’m one of those people that normally says nothing and just keeps turning the other cheek, so to speak. I always try to see the best in others (even though I don’t trust anyone, but that’s a relatively recent trait) and I keep getting metaphorically slapped on the face. I am a bit tired of suffering the same stories over and over again. For this reason, I’m also standing up for what I think is right for me, and pretty much not taking any bull… stuff. I know by doing this, some people will be shocked (when it’s their turn anyway), because it will come out of the blue, but whatever, I am tired of being a punching bag.

I realise as well, that I don’t enjoy social activities that involve a group of people. I am happy interacting with one, two, maybe four people, but anything more than that and it makes me hate the whole thing and not want to be there, even when the people are actually fun, it doesn’t matter.

Also, I’ve realised I enjoy being at home alone. After coming from work, I enjoy going home and being on my own, in the quiet, no TV on, no nothing. I like sitting on the sofa and reading (I used to enjoy a glass of wine while doing this, something I can’t do anymore). Unfortunately, that’s not happening either (the joys of sharing a flat).

Yesterday, at the photo shoot, I met a dog called Colombo. We really hit it off and because I paid him attention, he stayed by my side for ages, begging for me to scratch him behind the ears. He was super friendly (even after I startled him a bit by running into a room in heels) and I was reminded of how much I like having a dog or a cat as a pet. I’m hoping that will change by next year, although it’s still soon to tell.

If you remember, I mentioned I wanted to do more cultural stuff, like going to the theatre. A few months ago (I think) I went to my first ballet, Woolf Works, at the Royal Opera House. Even though it was a bit modern, I really liked it. A friend from work recommended Romeo & Juliet and I decided to take Su for her birthday. We’re going later in the year (mainly because it’s impossible to coordinate our schedules), but while looking at tickets, I noticed it doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve decided I’m going to attend the ballet more often.

Also, I’m planning a Secret Cinema outing with Oummou, to watch Star Wars. We were waiting to get paid, in order to buy the tickets, and going to discuss it tomorrow at work.

All these mean that I haven’t done many crafts lately, mostly due to lack of space and the fact that I’m not feeling at home these days. I can’t wait to move flats so I can have a bit more space and a bit more tranquility and finally get things going as I want. In the meantime, I’m still a work in progress.

Speaking of progress… Today is day 22 of Whole30. That means I have just over a week of this malarkey, and then I will be free. Of course, I still need to do the reintroduction, and then I don’t want to go back to my bad habits, but I can’t wait to have the freedom to just do a quick something without having to overthink it. Heck, even just to use regular ketchup or barbecue sauce!

Anyway, many things going on…

What have you been up to lately?