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The finish line

This is it. Well, this is almost it. Today is day 29 of my Whole30 challenge. I can’t believe I’ve gone almost 30 days with no bread, cheese, or alcohol… Or sugar. It’s almost over, or is it?

If you’ve been following me around, I mean on social media, then you’ll have already seen that I’m planning on adding a few more days to the Whole30. At the moment, although I’m seeing some results (I’m definitely less inflated, and someone who hasn’t seen me for the past couple of weeks just told me I’ve lost weight), I’m not feeling the tiger blood that they mention. It might be because of feeling sick this last whole week…

I don’t want to end this plan in a negative light, so I’ve decided to do a Whole37-40. I haven’t decided yet. Also, I have a steam train trip planned with Brian on Saturday, and I don’t want to risk a tough reintroduction of foods and feeling sick or having an upset stomach while I’m supposed to have a great day out! It’ll be compliant picnic food for me, I guess.

Since I started this, I’ve said that on the last day (or day 31) I would celebrate with a nice glass of wine, maybe two. Last night, I was thinking about it, and even though I have a bottle of prosecco at home, for some reason the idea of drinking wine (or beer) doesn’t appeal me as much as 30 days ago… What’s happened to me? I am, however, looking forward to trying out cheese and find out how it will affect me. I also want to try bread because I want Nutella on toast. Again, I know I don’t have a Sugar Dragon, since I never eat any sugary stuff (or very rarely), so I know I won’t become addicted to it. For the whole month, I’ve been smelling the toasted bread and seeing my brother spread Nutella on a warm piece of toast, and I just want to eat one. Actually, I’d be happy with just licking a corner of a toast that has some leftover Nutella. Just to savour it. Ha-ha.

You might be wondering (probably not, but just the same) what’s going on with all the tidying… I’ve managed to give away a bunch of my fiction books and a second hand shop is interested in quite a few of my non-fiction ones, so that’s good news, maybe I’ll get some money out of this after all!

I’m happy to report my clothes are still quite tidy, even though it’s difficult to keep it up at the moment, since everything else isn’t. I do my best.

Yesterday, I tackled papers. I haven’t finished yet, but I did quite a lot. I organised all my bills and bank statements, and set aside to shred and discard everything that is not needed any more. I always have trouble deciding whether I’m going to need a document in the future, and how long I should keep it for, but after a long search, I decided that anything over two years is really just taking up space. Now it all fits nicely in one folder, go figure!

I already saw some birthday cards and mementos, and even though I was supposed to leave those until the end, I already made a dent on the pile. I kept some cards I received for my 30th birthday, mostly because that was an important date, and discarded everything else.

While tidying these papers, I came across a lot of magazines (mostly Computer Arts issues) and a lot of cables (mostly I have no idea where they came from). The magazines, I will have to go through the pile carefully, as I’m guessing I will have trouble getting rid of them (although to be honest, a while ago I already decided to cancel my subscription, so that’s a good start!), but the cables… I really have no clue what to do with them! How do you know what’s worth keeping and not? Those that are not useful, where do you dispose of them? What about old mobile phones?

The part that terrifies me the most is tackling my craft supplies… I know I’m going to use a lot of the things I have, I just don’t have the space at the moment to work on anything, and the space available doesn’t help my motivation. I’m really tempted to pack everything up in a box (or a couple), ready for whenever I move to a bigger place. The KonMari Method isn’t so detailed about crafts and hobbies, or at least what I’ve seen so far, so I’m a bit unsure as to what to do. Watch this space!

Finally, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that took the time to visit, like and comment everywhere about my photos. I’m happy to know you guys liked them! You will be happy to know that Friday was a record day for visits (121 views!), so I’m really happy and grateful for all of you taking your time.

Off the back of that photo shoot, I was convinced by a friend to attend a modelling audition later in the year, as well as workshops and stuff. I doubt anything will come out of it, but I’ll keep you posted!

Phew! This post was much shorter than my usual ones, but it feels like it was a lot of effort… I hope you’re all having a great Monday and see you later in the week!