Just keep swimming

There’s nothing like having a day off (or two) when everyone else is working. Seriously, you should try it.

During the whole month of August, I’ve decided short weeks are the way to go. Now, I don’t mind working on Fridays so much, after all, the weekend is just around the corner, but I do hate Mondays. Every week is a short week this month, and I couldn’t be enjoying it more.

Last night I went to the Ronald McDonald House which meant it was a late night and an early morning. At 6am, I couldn’t sleep anymore (trust me, I tried) and so I got up and had breakfast, prosciutto and boiled potatoes.

I left the house at 7.30am, not really knowing what to do at such an early hour. I made a pit-stop at Nero to buy a coffee (they don’t ask my name, so they don’t get it wrong… Totally works for me!) and then I got on the train to Lewisham.

When I arrived, it was still way too early so I decided to pop by the gym and ask about the swimming pool and the prices for swimming. The guy explained everything, and I decided I’m going to start swimming. I would say again, but I’ve never swam properly, just back at home, but not as a workout or anything like that. It turns out what I want to buy I have to buy it online, so I thought I’d do that when I got home and I’d go for a swim tomorrow.

After, I went to the shopping centre. It was way too early, but M&S was already open! Unbelievable! I had a walk around, bought some stuff, and then I went to the rest of the shops, as they were opening. Basically, I was trying to avoid going back home so soon!

Once I finally got home, I died a bit on my bed! I thought there was no harm in being a bit lazy, so I didn’t do much. Tomorrow I can test dairy, but today is a compliant day, so I made meatballs and potatoes for lunch. Yes, I’m trying to eat carbs because sometimes I feel a bit dizzy if I don’t. It seems even if I eat protein and vegetables, I need to eat a lot of carbs, and since I’m not eating bread…

When I tried to buy the swim pass, the website was giving me an error, which means I’ll have to do some good ol’ PAYG tomorrow. The plan is to leave the house (ah, yeah, I’m doing RMH tonight as well), come back home, do some chores and go for a swim at 1.30pm. I would go later in the evening, but I’m going to see Swan Lake, so I can’t. I could try going first thing in the morning, but it’s lane swimming, and I’ve never done that before, so I’m scared I will make a mess. I’ll see on my way back. Hopefully there will be no one at 8am.

It’s a pity I can only do peak times for the gym, that means it’ll be a bit more crowded. But it seems they have adults only sessions in the evening, so that’s good because it means there won’t be screaming children running around.

I’ve been wanting to swim for at least a year, but never actually done it, so hopefully this will be it. Why did I become so interested all of a sudden? Because thanks to de-cluttering, I found my swimsuit again. It wasn’t lost, it was in storage, but you know how these things go: you put them away while you’re not using them and out of sight, out of mind they go. It turns out seeing my swimsuit again has made me remember that I really want to swim.

Finally, there’s Star Wars. Oummou and I are going on Friday, and I can’t wait. I have my outfit, and I am thinking about some make-up ideas. We’re going from work, which is going to make it trickier, because that means we’ll have to get changed in the office, but hey, it’ll be an adventure!

If everything goes according to plan, on Friday I’ll be able to test gluten, which means the possibility of some bread (maybe a no-cheese burger, with buns???) is very real. I don’t know if I want to possibly ruin the experience of Secret Cinema by feeling weird, bloated and having an upset stomach… I guess I’ll have to decide on the day. For now, I can’t wait to try some cheese tomorrow!

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