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And again, Day 1 – Whole30

I’m back to doing Whole30, although this time is more like… Whole A Lot (note how I was too lazy to count the actual days I’ll be doing it this time around).

The idea was to start on the 1st of November and continue all the way to New Year’s Eve. Yep. I wanted to go on a restrictive diet during the season in which you pretty much drink and eat non stop. Then, Oummou told me she wanted to do it as well, but she wanted to finish it before her wedding (second wedding, the civil one) which is at the end of November. I, in my Whole30 knowledge, did some calculations and the only way she could manage to finish it properly, reintroduction and all, was to start today. So, here we are.

Unfortunately, that means my fridge wasn’t really ready for this. I had bought some non-compliant ingredients (that I know my brother won’t eat, like cheese) and other stuff. But, then again, it’s not my first time doing this, so I already have a pretty good idea of what I can and cannot eat.

Super quickly (in around 10 minutes, actually), I boiled a bunch of eggs, which only lasted me today… I had vegetables, avocados…

This morning I had boiled eggs for breakfast with roasted potatoes and sauté cabbage. Not bad, huh? At lunch, I had eggs again, and parma ham, and the same vegetables.

For dinner, I decided to eat some Brussels sprouts (why do people hate them?) with bacon, mushrooms and diced potatoes, and yes, another egg. That’s it, no more eggs for now, except for breakfast!

Tomorrow I’ll have scrambled eggs (I said they were OK for breakfast!!), mushrooms and asparagus. I’ll eat the fruit portion of my meal when I get to the office, because I didn’t bring it back home. For lunch, I’ll have the Brussels sprouts again. I left aside a bigger portion, so won’t need to add any eggs again.

I’ve bought a chicken which I want to roast for dinner tomorrow night. So far, so good.

There are a couple of downsides to starting Whole30 right now… The first one is I’m broke (which reminds me, I need to claim back my dentist appointment fees on my health insurance plan, yay!). This means I don’t have a lot of money to spend on meat, for example, or a lot of vegetables. The dreaded end of the month is here!

Secondly, I had made plans with friends, all before 1st of November…

On Wednesday, I’m going to a concert and when my friend told me today to meet beforehand for a drink and some quick food, I thought yeah, about that… but as soon as I mentioned I was on Whole30, she quickly understood I had gone paleo (sort of, but that’s how people understand it). So not bad.

The biggest problem is next week… I had made plans to have dinner at Bodean’s with Amit and Dimple. That’s barbecue pork. I’m pretty sure their BBQ sauce is not compliant, so I guess I’ll have to pass on the burnt ends, and pulled pork, and delicious baby back ribs (I’m almost crying here) and just go for a bun-less plain-as-plain burger, and just assume that there’s nothing super weird inside the burger.

If I were doing this on my own, I wouldn’t mind it too much, I would just keep it mostly compliant and then start properly on the 1st, but I don’t want to discourage Oummou, since she wants the motivation. I guess I’ll be emailing Bodean’s to ask them about their menu then…

Here’s to being a pain on the backside of every waiter and food chain out there, but to a better health!

For some reason, I decided to do this during November, while I’m going to be attempting NaNoWriMo once again. Maybe not the best of plans ever. Now, to top things off, it seems I might (might, mind you, it’s not 100% sure!) be moving flat as well in November… How am I going to manage to do everything? I have absolutely no clue.

I’m feeling much better now, at least during the day. My health has been poop for the past couple of weeks, which has had me pretty down and with no energy. Things seem to be starting to look better in general, so I’m trying to keep a positive attitude. I did say it though… I said everything was going way too well to be true, and that I was expecting the universe to bring me down a notch or two, and it’s happened. I’ve had some dark days for the past week or so, and now it can only get better (life, seriously, that is not a challenge to make things worse, so back off!).

Since it’s been a long time, how are you? What have you been up to?