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All Hallows’ Eve

I realise the last couple of post haven’t been the most cheerful ever, so I thought I’d change the mood a bit.

This week is Halloween. Every year I plan on doing something, and then every year I never do anything! Last year, I tested a sugar skull design on my face a few days before the date, but then I never painted my face on the day because no one dressed up at work.

This year, I’ve tested something again. I tried a realistic skull design, and a cracked golden face one, and I’m not convinced with either. Unfortunately, my skills aren’t very good, and I know someone is already going to the office in a sugar skull full face, and she’s a make up artist, so… Damn! I don’t know what to do.

I’ve seen a few really cool designs on Pinterest (yes, yes, I’m addicted to it, we all know that), but I don’t know if I could pull them off…

In terms of sugar skulls, I like these designs. I think they’re good inspiration.

I really like the detail of this, and the red tones, but I think I would take me ages to get something that wouldn’t look half as good!

This is much simpler, and I like the little stones around the eyes… which I don’t have, but it could work.

Last year I was going to do a design like this last one. I tried it on half of my face and of course it didn’t look as good as this, but I still liked it. Sort of.

If I were to go for the scarier look (which right now, sounds very tempting), I really like these ideas.

I think I could pretty mucho do this. It doesn’t seem to require crazy amounts of different make up, so I guess it would be doable.

I love this. I love the fact that it’s completely white and only the detail of the eyes and the lips. I love the demon eyes (Supernatural, anyone?) and the hair. Have I said I’m in love with granny hair? Watch this space!

Relatively simple, yet difficult to get the details right, I think. This is a strong contestant though!

This. Is. Scary. I love it! Surely I could do this, right?

I love this design! I think the eyes are super striking and the half face is very cool. I could definitely pull this off, but it would take me at least 3 days to remove all make up!

I think I like the scary look a bit more… But I will need time to do it! I was thinking of going to work early on Friday and pop down to the showers, so I could lock myself in one of the cubicles and have a mirror and water available. It would be pretty funny if on my way back via the staircase I bumped into people and give them a scare especially since at the moment, the type of make up that seems in the lead is something like this:

(I couldn’t find any video with just the series footage… Seriously).

I will need to get to the office at dawn in order to get all my make up sorted, and then I’ll have to think of clothes too! Am I getting excited? I think so!

Anyway, we’ll see.

What about you? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Maybe just painting your face? I would love to see your costumes and make up!


  1. En el gym hay fiesta y premio para el mejor disfraz. De las fotos que has colgado hay dos que me gustan: la que está toda la cara blanca y solo lleva pintados los ojos y la otra la que lleva capucha y la pintura es muy sencilla.

    • Os vais a disfrazar? Aunque no hagáis deporte por los puntos, pero igual a andar a la cinta si puedes ir

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