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Trevligt att träffas

You know me, I’m always embarking on crazy adventures and challenges, and many times I just think why not?

This time, I’ve decided I want to learn Swedish. Yup, that’s right, Swedish, even though I know it’s not a widely spoken language, and it’s probably not going to open a million doors for me. I’ve wanted to try since I visited Stockholm years ago with my friend Aissa.

I remember walking around the city and trying to understand the words on the different signs. Not only reading the English translations, but actually trying to understand how the language is constructed (for example, figuring out that gata meant street after seeing it as a suffix in a lot of signs). I only managed a few words, of course, and everyone speaks English over there (dom pratar engelska dår), but it made me feel like I do have a knack for languages!

As part of an epic quest to live my life the best I can (more on that soon), I’ve decided to learn more languages.

Recently, I bought a book, Level Up Your Life by Steve Kamb, of Nerd Fitness. I’ve been following that site for a while, and I love it. I love the nerd references and that the photos are made with Lego figures! It makes fitness a lot of fun. When I read the book was being published, I decided to pre-order it. Once it was delivered to my Kindle, I read it in three days.

I’m not going to write about the book here a lot, not on this post anyway, but if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, like your life is not going anywhere; if you feel like you were destined for more, and something is missing, I recommend you buy it. At the very least, it will give you some inspiration, at the very best, it will get you pumped and be the push you need to change your life.

When reading the book, I checked different resources Steve mentions and came across Fluent in 3 Months, in which a guy explains how he became fluent in a bunch of languages and explains how we can too. I thought that was my chance to finally learn Swedish. My goal is to have a 30 minute conversation in Swedish with a native speaker by the end of March.

So far, I can only say basic words and sentences, like the title of this post says, nice to meet you and other basic stuff, but little by little, I’m starting to see trends in the words and sentences, and starting to understand how the language is constructed.

Are you trying to learn a new language as well? Which one? Are you a native Swedish speaker? Would you like to speak in Swedish with me? The conversation might be pretty short and basic at the moment, but I’m game if you are!

In the meantime, ha det så bra!


        • Jag bor i London för tio år men jag kommer från Spanien. Hur många år du bor i Sverige? Jag pratar svenska inte så bra, förlåt!

        • Haha I didn’t understand much of all that!
          Jag studerar det med en app, bara ordförråd och enkla meningar…
          (I might have used some Google translation on that one… 🙂 )

        • Kul! One thing that’s helped me is to listen to music – not sure what genre you like but there’s a Swedish singer named Laleh who’s really lovely (hon sjunger på engelska och svenska, så det är bra för dig)

        • I’ll check that singer out, thanks! I already do that for French, listen to French music (and even reading a bit)… Someone has also recommended the series Bron and Arne Dahl.
          Thanks for taking the time to write a bit in Swedish with me, it’s made me very happy! I’m now following your blog, so hopefully that’ll help me improve my Swedish too!

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