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My attempts at art. I love photography and I’m always trying to get the right angle, the right depth of field and the best colours… All while telling a wonderful story. Sometimes I get it all right, some other times I don’t, but I keep trying

A trick of three notes

This week has been an interesting one. As you know, I kick-started the training session, which left me achy for the whole week. It serves me right, though, maybe next time I won’t leave it for as long. Still, it was good aches, the right kind. Work was very busy, but I enjoyed the week. Some projects I had been working on for ages were put on hold, but other that came unexpectedly came out quite right, so I’m happy about the overall outcome. I’m also finding I like designing logos more and more! On Wednesday, my team and I finally had our Christmas team outing. We had decided to postpone it, since we didn’t have much time before the holidays. Our boss had kept it secret, so we had no idea what we were going to do, or where! It was quite exciting, I must say, although I was worried I wasn’t going to like it. I tried, however, to keep an open mind (read be quietly judgmental if it wasn’t to my liking). …

Photos from Christmas

I started the New Year in the best way I could: ill. It probably has something to do with the terrible weather we’re having in London these days, and also the fact that I hadn’t taken any vitamin C for the past couple of weeks. That, added to the high alcohol intake, has probably resulted in my immune system being a bit weak. Silver linings, and all that though… I’m indoors, keeping warm, which means that once it’s only a matter of a sore throat and all the headaches are gone, I could catch up with some photography I’ve done during the holidays, and post it and all that. Of course, it also meant that I missed what was supposed to be my first run of the year on Friday, and some shopping I wanted to do, but I’m keeping positive. I’ll see how I feel and maybe will go running tomorrow… Let’s cross some fingers! When I logged in today, I had a notification congratulating me in my 2 year anniversary since I first …

Happy 100th birthday!

I’m not that old! This is not my birthday, but the blog’s. Yes, I’ve managed to keep at it for 100th posts… and I’m still here, somehow. Sure, I haven’t been posting in a while, but I’m still here and kicking! So, as soon as I realised this was my 100th post, the question arose: what do you write about to celebrate this figure? It seems, the norm dictates that you write a sort of post about how much you and the blog have evolved since this journey was started, and that it’s something to be expected. Even one fan friend reader requested this! To be honest with all of you, that had been my initial idea… A beautiful post, not only about the recent Christmas, but also about how much I’ve evolved as a writer, blogger and person since I started publishing my thoughts. And to be even more honest with you, I started writing that post, and I got bored half way through. I mean, pretty much all my posts are about how …


I just want to show you a few pictures of my immediate family – not everyone though! So far, here are my parents and my nan. As soon as I manage to get proper pictures of my brother I will try to show them here too. I like these two pictures because they were completely unprepared! They were taken some time ago during summer. I love this picture, because they show a great loving couple after more than 30 years of marriage! I can’t believe I managed to get a picture of my nan where she doesn’t appear covering her face. She doesn’t like appearing in pictures! Whenever my parents come to London, we walk and walk for hours! I’m glad I have fun parents – and a bit crazy! My mum is always up to something, and always making jokes. Here, my nan was probably telling me off for taking her picture!! I hope you liked this peek at my family! More stuff to come soon!