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Top of chest of drawers with books and decorative items

Behind the scenes, where ideas come to life

The place where we think, where we write, whether it’s a short Facebook post, or a long dissertation for uni, is a reflection of who we are. Whether we write with pen and paper (maybe a fountain pen?), or in the newest, trendiest laptop in the market; we give our workspaces that bit of our personality. A few weeks ago, I bumped into WeWork, a co-working company that has office spaces for rent, and was prompted to write about my own workspace. I’ve been going on about it in my head because on one hand, I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about it, as it might be over sharing a bit, since I write mostly in my room; while on the other, I thought it could be a cool way of sharing more about myself. After some consideration I thought why not? I’ve already mentioned my flat isn’t the biggest of them all. I used to live in a bigger flat (and that had a great kitchen), but I moved out for a more …