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Let’s rock and roll!

Last week I was invited by Halloween Jack to be a photographer for their gig on Thursday at The Underbelly of Hoxton in London. This is something I had never done before. The closest would be by taking my smartphone or point-and-shoot camera and snapping some drunken pictures of our shenanigans in a pub. On this occasion, my friend had asked me if I would be interested in advance, so I had time to prepare and worry about the outcome. Taking photographs at concerts or bars is quite tricky. First of all, there isn’t a proper source of light. It seems that light levels are relatively constant (er… dark all the time?) but since the light moves from one lamp to another, and changes colours, it’s difficult to get great results. I read a lot about the subject because, even if I do understand my camera, and how photography works and how to play around with the settings, the unknown is something that makes me nervous, what can I say? On the night, I went …


I just want to show you a few pictures of my immediate family – not everyone though! So far, here are my parents and my nan. As soon as I manage to get proper pictures of my brother I will try to show them here too. I like these two pictures because they were completely unprepared! They were taken some time ago during summer. I love this picture, because they show a great loving couple after more than 30 years of marriage! I can’t believe I managed to get a picture of my nan where she doesn’t appear covering her face. She doesn’t like appearing in pictures! Whenever my parents come to London, we walk and walk for hours! I’m glad I have fun parents – and a bit crazy! My mum is always up to something, and always making jokes. Here, my nan was probably telling me off for taking her picture!! I hope you liked this peek at my family! More stuff to come soon!

hand bw with blue filter

Composition – Colour

Let’s start with the first part of this tutorial. We already did a brief introduction, but now we’re going to talk about colour, as per the index! Colour It is undeniable that colour has an effect on how we perceive an image. A photograph doesn’t have the same impact in black and white than it does in colour. Even when we have colours, there’s a difference in how we perceive the photograph based on how strong (or saturated) those colours appear. Thanks to digital photography we can now choose whether to have an image in colour or black and white after the picture has been taken. Before, it was a decision that had to me made prior to the photo being taken, depending on what message one wanted to send. This was done by choosing the type of film. I’m not going to argue all the advantages of digital photography but in my opinion, you had more control over the image before. When I say control, I am aware digital cameras offer many more options …