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hand bw with blue filter

Composition – Colour

Let’s start with the first part of this tutorial. We already did a brief introduction, but now we’re going to talk about colour, as per the index! Colour It is undeniable that colour has an effect on how we perceive an image. A photograph doesn’t have the same impact in black and white than it does in colour. Even when we have colours, there’s a difference in how we perceive the photograph based on how strong (or saturated) those colours appear. Thanks to digital photography we can now choose whether to have an image in colour or black and white after the picture has been taken. Before, it was a decision that had to me made prior to the photo being taken, depending on what message one wanted to send. This was done by choosing the type of film. I’m not going to argue all the advantages of digital photography but in my opinion, you had more control over the image before. When I say control, I am aware digital cameras offer many more options …