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Can’t stop, won’t stop

Happy Monday everyone! Isn’t it a great day today? At least in London it seems to be… We’ve had such nice weather this weekend, it’s been warm and sunny, and everyone is in spring mode already. Hopefully it will last just a bit longer, but oh, the difference the sun makes! It’s been such a busy weekend… I’m tired just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I was a bit sick on Friday, so I decided to work from home. It’s great I have that option available. I could keep myself warm and cosy, while still being productive. The main issue is, however, the lack of interaction. Since I sit in an area with lots of traffic in the office, I tend to talk to a lot of people at work, but being at home, I felt that I was missing the interruptions. Friday I still decided to keep it quiet and relaxed, since I was going to a seminar on Saturday and I needed to get up early. I was meeting my friend at 8.30am, so …

Fifty things worse than a rejection

Hey everyone! How is the week treating you? I’m in a chaotic and stressful week: it’s the last week of the NaNoWriMo challenge, and I’m about to win it this year… Very exciting, but also slightly terrifying to think I’ll have written 50,000 words for a novel! Anyway, I was having a conversation with one of my best friends on whatsapp earlier, and we talked about approaching people we find attractive, and how difficult it is… Some of you that know me personally will realise this is a topic I’m focused on these days!