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A Pinterest experiment – make up brushes

You have probably heard me talk about Pinterest quite a bit. A lot of my inspiration comes from there. It’s a great place to browse ideas for DIY, outfits, recipes, or even knitting and similar. Many of the projects there require skills that I would normally not possess, but that doesn’t deter me from trying. I‘ve tried a few tips I’ve found on Pinterest. For example, I practised with my mum on how to make a candle out of a clementine once, I made a Harry Potter wand for a friend, I got inspiration to make a dream catcher (you can see mine here), I made candles in a cup from this example, and even attempted a bauble Christmas tree at a friend’s flat once. It didn’t look like the one on that link, I’m afraid. I probably learnt how to crochet and knit thanks to Pinterest too. If you know anything about it, then you’ll also know the Pinterest fails. Those are basically when people see amazing stuff on Pinterest, attempt to replicate it, …

5 Seconds

So I’m starting to practise with Adobe Premiere Pro… More like experimenting, really! Last night I created my first video (I have made another video before, but I haven’t really shared it with the blogosphere yet), which is just a collection of 5 second clips, with no effects and no added sound. The number of clips is random and as to the nature of each clip… Well, let’s say it’s based on whenever I remember to record something! I hope you guys will enjoy it, and am looking forward to your feedback. For now, it’s set on private, but when prompted, simply type in shutterandink (surprising creativity, I know) and you should be able to watch it. 5 Seconds