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Shutter and diaphragm, friends or foes?

In case whenever I mention shutter or diaphragm, or f stop, you are left there wondering what exactly I’m talking about, and to avoid you thinking I’m talking about windows, or anatomy, or whatever it is you’re thinking, I’ve decided to quickly write a bit about these 2 pieces of a camera, see if I can shed some light on the topic – wish me good luck! It’s worth noting that sometimes you have both elements combined in one! SHUTTER (I’ve found a video in YouTube that might help seeing how it works. Look at the speed!) This is simply the part of the camera that controls how long light is going to get through. It would work like your eyelid. The longest it’s open, the more light will go through. Simple, isn’t it? Now, cameras are very sensitive nowadays. At the beginning of photography, people had to stay still for even 3 minutes to be captured in an image! Can you imagine it? They even had some neck and head supports to help keep the pose for that long! That’s …