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Santa Run Challenge

I am exhausted! Today it was the big day: the Do It For Charity Santa Run in Greenwich Park. A friend and I were running for Lupus UK. Yesterday, I went to stay at my friend’s place, so we could drive to the park in the morning. We had so much fun last night… There was a lot of gossip, laughs and swearing! Fun, fun. Today, we woke up at 8am. I was shattered.

first video ever coming soon

Hey there! Today I’ve been doing some video editing, with music, for the first time ever! I’m quite happy with the result, even though I haven’t put it much effort (ha! Just about 2 hours for a 2 minute video!). I took some of the videos I made when I visited my family last Christmas. The videos are filmed while we went hiking to La Bola del Mundo or  Alto de las Guarramillas. It was a nice day, so I took my camera along. I was a bit disappointed as the image is quite orange, but it’s true it gives it a vintage look, I guess… Anyway, I also took some music I downloaded from the Creative Commons and I think it looks pretty good for being my first video ever!! As soon as I figure out exactly how to give credit to the music authors and make sure I won’t get into trouble, I will publish it for all of you to see! Still making the calendar in the meantime… So tired…   marz

welcome, and introduction

Hi there! Thanks for coming to my blog. I know it looks a bit empty still, but don’t worry, I plan on filling it with many posts and images of all the things I get myself into (which, trust me, are a lot!) For this blog, I am setting myself a challenge, which is to update as often as possible, even if daily (wishful thinking?), even if it’s just for a few words. Any word of advice, or encouragement you may have will be more than welcome! The plan is to fill the blog with the following: Photos I take, but only the nice ones, or the ones that have a story to tell, which might not be good at all! We’ll see how well that works… Drawings I make, and here, you will have to bear with me as I am a horrible drawer! I want to improve, so it would be great to have all my progress recorded in one place. Crafts! I’m into crafts now, which means I’m mostly all the time at …