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Tired of feeling tired

What is it about mood and writing that seem to go so close together? Why is it that when I’m not in the mood these days, I don’t seem to be able to write, not even moody pieces, as I used to? Lately it seems that my life is a bit of a roller coaster, in terms of mood and energy. I don’t go all the way up or all the way down (usually), but I can see it going as waves. The part that seems consistent lately is the lack of energy to write, not only on my novel, but also here, which is a bit sad. I know I haven’t run out of things to say, it’s just that I don’t feel like typing stuff. I’ve even thought about doing some short posts, or maybe just one-photograph posts, just to keep publishing stuff regularly, but it’s just not happening. A friend recently told me that I sounded like I was depressed, and I’ve been wondering if she’s right ever since we spoke. True, …

November is for Mos

I can’t believe it’s already October! Where has the year gone? It feels like only yesterday when I was celebrating my birthday, or even enjoying the summer… And now it’s just talks of winter clothes, pumpkin everything and the coming Christmas (or Holiday season, if that’s your thing). With November just around the corner, there are more projects on my horizon. Today, I want to write about a charity I will be supporting in November. As you might know, Movember is a charity that works towards raising awareness for men’s health. I’m sure you all have a relative in your families (maybe even yourself!) who never wants to go to the doctor. For some reason, this is usually the men! I don’t know why this is, maybe it’s a fear of showing a weakness, maybe it’s just trying to show that “father knows best” but truth is many men don’t have regular health checks, some as simple as a blood test. Some stuff is harmless or simply annoying, like a mild cold; but there are …

Raising money for your heart

Hello everyone! I know what you might be thinking: a blog entry in the middle of the week? I know, right? Madness!! You see… I was at home, and it suddenly hit me: next week I will be running 10k for the British Heart Foundation and I haven’t reached my humble fundraising goal yet! (look how humble it is here)