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Handwritten text


This week I read an article on The Guardian that made me think. It was about the fact that handwriting is obsolete and that schools are stopping to teach cursive as part of their curriculum. You can read the article here While generally I’m quite forward-thinking and I enjoy adopting new trends and technologies, I am also quite traditional in certain areas. True, I am not afraid of chopping my hair off, download the latest app to tell me what’s going on in my town, or learn how to program. I think it’s good to evolve and look towards the future. However, it’s also important to retain a sense of the past. I am still not convinced about ebooks. Sure, it saves paper, but they use batteries, and their manufacturing and components aren’t that safe (batteries and all that). True, one ebook device can hold many books, which would have otherwise been made of paper, but if I read on an electronic device, I have no sense as to how long the book is, how …