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Tio Pepe after

Some photos from Madrid

This weekend has been a bit of a drag, but for good reason. I haven’t gone out of my flat at all, and spent most of it being super lazy in front of my laptop. One of the most rewarding things you can do when you’re not feeling yourself is listening to your body, and actually giving it what it’s telling you it needs. On Saturday, I woke up relatively early, feeling tired and with zero motivation to do anything. As I was waiting for my boss to text me and let me know whether I needed to go find a last minute item for the trade show next week, I lay in bed, checking my emails and social media, and began to realise I really needed to stay in. Last Thursday, I was feeling so tired and so sick, and had such a bad headache, that I took the day off, but it didn’t feel enough, even though I slept almost 24 hours in total. On Saturday, when I received the message telling me …