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Welcome cards and gifts from friends

And just like that, it’s done

This is it. I’m moved. I still haven’t closed my old flat, of course, but I’m typing this from the dinning table in my new flat, and it feels weird. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. There were talks of moving already last year, and I almost left my flat back in November or so (it never happened, for different reasons). Now, the day has come, and I’m here. One thing I have learnt is that no matter how much rubbish you get rid of, you probably still have way too much stuff. I can’t think how it would have been if I hadn’t discarded all those clothes, books, DVDs and papers. Still, I have way too much kitchen stuff, especially for baking (which I haven’t done in a while, because of lack of space), and crafts. Lots of craft materials. I believe (and I might be wrong, because I stopped paying attention at some point), that I have at least four boxes filled to the top with yarn, fabric and filling. Then, …