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Perito Moreno

some help with those photos!

Hi everyone! A couple of my friends have asked me for help about how I managed to bring out the colours in my night photo walk images and the images I posted in here. While I am not an expert in image retouching or in any of the programs that enable you to do this, I have found a couple of tricks that might help with those pictures you have that you know they would have some wow-factor if the colours were a bit less dull. This is not the only way, and I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but this is one way that works for me, and it’s very quick. It allows me to correct many pictures in a matter of minutes! First of all, you need Photoshop (I’m using CS5) and an image to correct: *I believe if you click on each image, you should be able to see them bigger, but please let me know if this is not the case! As you can see, there is a …