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Samsung S4 malfunctioning… again.

Today, I have bad news. I’m afraid I’m not happy at all. OK, that’s not entirely true, I’m only partly annoyed. See, I’ve had a nice week overall. I’ve managed to catch up with a couple of friends, had news from others I hadn’t heard of in a while, and I did my training. Pilates also went well, I realised how much I had missed it. Yesterday I managed to write again on my novel, despite the writer’s block I had been suffering for way too long. This morning, I woke up ridiculously early to volunteer at a BHF run. I was at the registration tent and it was fun. After that, since my cinema buddy stood me up (it’s OK, all is forgiven) I decided to go on my own and finally watched Maleficent. Mixed feelings for now. Anyway, the reason I am annoyed is because of my mobile phone. You may know, or perhaps not, that I have a Samsung S4. I got it through my usual carrier, Vodafone, and let me tell …


On zombies, vampires and lore

If you’ve talked to me in the past weeks, hell, if you’ve been around me in the past few years, you have probably been hearing me rant about vampires and films  and other similar topics. I like reading (and writing) about supernatural stuff, and hey, I’m the first one who loves a good twist, but… to the whole “vampires don’t (and have never, mind you) burst into flames with the sun, they just shine bright like diamonds…” I can simply reply you gotta be kidding me.