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Croquettes all ready

Homemade recipe: Mum’s Chicken Croquettes

Whenever I go back home, I always hope my mum will cook croquettes. It’s a dish that reminds me of my childhood, usually accompanied with fries and ketchup. I always remember my brother eating 16 of them in one sitting. When my parents went on holidays once we were older, my mum would leave a batch of them ready for us in the freezer. This is, along Spanish omelette, one of my favourite dishes ever. My nan used to make them with thick pieces of ham in them, which I didn’t like, but my mum makes them all soft and smooth. The ones below are not made exactly to recipe, as they don’t have any ham or onion in them. You can also use leftover chicken from any other boiled dish you’ve made, like cocido madrileƱo (a recipe I might share with you someday too). I think I got around 15 croquettes this time around, but it really depends on how big you make them! Also, if you use the ham, note that this will …


Online Cookie Exchange

For a while now, I’ve been seeing these cookie exchanges everywhere. I’ve never really known what they were about, it seems people bake cookies, and then give them to others. What says on the tin… Recently, I was invited to take part in an online cookie exchange, go figure! It came at about the same time I was wondering about how it all worked. The cookie exchange is done thanks to Patience Brewster, an artist that creates hand painted Christmas ornaments, as well as gifts for holiday and everyday decor. You can see their Facebook page here, where they’re showing some other recipes. I’ve been trying to bake cakes these days, and unfortunately, I almost forgot about this exchange! However, here I am, right at the last minute, taking part in the 2014 cookie exchange. The cookies I chose are a favourite from when I was a kid. They’re not Christmas cookies themselves, but I love them so much I decided to go with them. I found the recipe online, but I made a couple …