Fine tuning my photography


Once again, I’m working from home today because of not feeling that great. I am thinking about cancelling the charity house tonight, and just stay here, but guilt isn’t letting me.

After all, the only thing I really need to do is stay there and sleep, but I have the feeling it’s not going to be a good night tonight.

I have been thinking about photography quite a lot lately. And graphic design. Those are two of the main topics that I keep returning from time to time (not necessarily mentioned here every time, of course), and how I would like to pursue them more often.

At work, or rather on the side, I’m currently working on a poster for some social activities, which I’m doing at home in the evenings because it’s not really my job, and I get very sidetracked whenever I play around colours and fonts!

Since I started watching more and more Photoshop tutorials, I’m beginning to realise that the photographs I take aren’t necessarily that terrible, it’s just that I don’t know how to best bring out the best in them. It’s just a matter of some dodging and burning, balancing the colours a bit more, and sharpening.

If you want to know where your heart is, look at where your mind wanders.

These past days, I’ve been working on some photographs I’ve taken in the past, and that I’ve always liked. They’ve always looked rather dull, but now I’ve managed to bring out colours and details in a rather good way, I think. You’ve probably seen these photos in the past, but here they are in all their beauty for you to enjoy.

Penguins and sea lions
Last time I looked at this picture, the colours were dull and there was no contrast or detail at all. I realise the far mountains look a bit like painted right now, but I really like the effect, like an image on display at a National History Museum.
We took a boat and sailed through the Beagle Channel, in order to look at the sea lions and other animals that gather in small islands scattered around.
I can’t remember exactly where, I think it was that same Beagle Channel tour, we saw this lighthouse. I love how this photo has turned out!
Freight in Ushuaia
When walking around the town, I saw the port and the big freights that were waiting to be loaded/unloaded before another trip. I knew right away the composition I wanted on the photo, and I’m quite pleased with the result.
Duck in Hyde Park
This last one is an oldie, but one I really love. I’ve finally managed to sharpen it a lot without losing the quality of the image, and now we can really see the details of the feathers on the head of the duck. It was taken in Hyde Park a few years ago.

That’s it for today. I hope you liked the photos (let me know what you think!).

Have a really great weekend!


  1. Roseta says

    Me ha gustado un montón la foto del pato de Hyde Park, está genial, hasta el detalle de la punta del pico. Mola.

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