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The day before the day

Tomorrow is the day, the moment of truth. The knitting club is launching, and I am really excited about it.

As I’ve been mentioning, almost nonstop (sorry for being a bore!), there’s a new knitting club at work, of which I decided to take charge… Which makes sense, since it was my idea!

I have been knitting a lot, trying to remember how to do things, and writing a guide people can take home. I’ve done and undone many stitches, trying to find the best way of explaining a technique, and casted on countless of stitches. This is it. I’m done.

OK, I’m never really going to be done-done. I decided to stop, because I was putting on finishing touches to the guide, and decided to add some funny memes, and it was starting to get out of hand (I mean, when you get a meme of Yoda talking about knitting, you probably should stop, right?).

Thing is I didn’t want it to sound like a very girlie (or granny) thing, or too dry and boring. I wanted it to be a bit cool, especially since the group of people who have signed up are pretty awesome, and not only because they signed up!

So, yeah, that’s done. I think I feel a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to sleep! What am I saying? I’m extremely tired today, of course I’ll sleep…

On another hand, my Swedish studies are going well. I’m still learning basics, of course, but I know quite a lot of words already! I am very excited! I just wish I had someone I could actually talk to. I’ve found some MeetUp groups, so I might give that a try. I’m also asking the ladies on my Facebook group, maybe there are any Swedes there. My goal is to have a 30 minute conversation with a native by the end of March, which I’m starting to think is totally doable. I’ve only been studying for 10 days and I can already say where I’m from, what I do for work, what I like doing, and also random stuff like my uncle (on my father’s side) is tall. Yep, I’m rocking this!

To be fair, I’m probably annoying everyone around me, talking about how å is pronounced, or how they create words with suffixes, and how words change and merge. It’s fascinating! Att lär sig sprak är intressant!

Today I went to see the physio again, and we’re making very slow progress. It’s frustrating, but at least he has now given me more interesting exercises. He asked me to sort of bounce softly on a trampoline, to start working on adding weight to my exercises, minus the impact. He then taught me another exercise to reach with one leg while standing on the other one, which was tricky because of my poor balance, but I really liked it.

Then, he showed me how to practise standing on one leg on the trampoline, but since I don’t have a trampoline at home, I asked whether I could use a wobble board (which I have), and he told me to try on one then. That was funny. I told him to step back a bit, because he was way too close and I was probably going to end up slapping him trying to regain my balance.

I have to go back in three weeks, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do a light jog then. This is one of the longest and most frustrating process I’ve ever had to go through, but I hope it’ll be worth it in the end. Still, he’s told me I shouldn’t expect going back to running before end of March or so, so there’s still a long way to go. I’m willing to take it slow so I won’t have any issues in the future. I’ve learnt my lesson though…

Oh! I have an update! The house move is going ahead! I’ll be able to move on schedule, and I can’t wait anymore. Su confirmed today that the exchange of contracts had gone through, and they’re moving out this weekend. I couldn’t be happier!

Lots of things happening, as you can see. All different, but all exciting. Change and challenge is good!