Month: April 2013

Rushing around

It seems life has a way of running a couple of steps ahead of us. Lately, despite not being as productive as usual, I have the feeling I don’t have enough time! As you can see, I barely write here these days, even though I have a couple of blog ideas in mind. So how am I spending my time lately? Well, I’m glad you asked! Taking into account that any given week I work from 9am to 5.30pm (make that 6pm, really) that fills up quite a chunk of my time. Add about 40 minutes of commuting to that, on a good day – on a bad day it can take me up to 80 minutes! Most of the days I need to eat something as soon as I arrive home. It’s not the usual hey, I’m going to have a snack sort of situation, no. It’s a full ohmygoshI’msostarvingI’mgoingtostartbitingmyarm sort of situation. Since my fridge is very likely to be completely empty, bar the usual bottle of sauce, or the odd piece of cheese …

Project Make-up

View this post on Instagram New sewing project! A post shared by Marta Nava (@marz_shoes) on Apr 20, 2013 at 3:36pm PDT Supplies for making a make-up bag for a friend

Update on progress

Wow… This is taking me forever!! As you know, I’m working on the design of my blog, and some of the changes you can already see. However, there are other changes that I still need to finish! Here’s a small sneak peek of what’s to come, so you see the amount of effort needed… You have already seen the logo/header of the blog (woohoo!) And maybe you have had a quick look at the Sneak Peek section, which is now displaying images in a more beautiful way (I think, anyway, what do you think?) rather than in the previous gallery… I think this look works quite well, doesn’t it? But hey, there are more new features coming soon… So, what will be new, hopefully very soon? There will be a new menu appearing on the top right corner! You can’t contain your excitement… I know right? All the pages in there are almost done, so I’m hoping to publish it all in the next days… Although knowing me, I might still make a few more …