Month: February 2013

Raising money for your heart

Hello everyone! I know what you might be thinking: a blog entry in the middle of the week? I know, right? Madness!! You see… I was at home, and it suddenly hit me: next week I will be running 10k for the British Heart Foundation and I haven’t reached my humble fundraising goal yet! (look how humble it is here)


This weekend has proven to be quite productive, despite deciding not to do anything. On Friday, I had some drinks with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and we had a good catch up. We went to a really nice bar in Clapham Common, which even had live music at some point!

It is very interesting to see this as Freshly Pressed. I’ve always had a curiosity about hands and what they tell us from each person. I believe that hands are truly windows to one person’s personality… I’ve always wanted to do a series of photographs about hands, and I actually started by capturing my dad’s hand while he ran it on a wall.

A question for you

I have been racking my brains all day trying to think of content for today’s entry. Truth is that I haven’t been as cheerful as usual in the past few days, so trying ti come up with a story that didn’t sound too gloomy has finally proven impossible. Let me instead leave you with a question: how do you cheer yourselves up? When you are down, or don’t have the strength to do some cumbersome task, what’s your trick to get back to being yourself? Answer in the comments, and let me know!