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My attempts at art. I love photography and I’m always trying to get the right angle, the right depth of field and the best colours… All while telling a wonderful story. Sometimes I get it all right, some other times I don’t, but I keep trying

Halloween Jack at The Barfly Camden

Keeping it up

I had a post ready for Friday, but I needed to add a few things and proof read it before publishing. I was planning on doing that at lunchtime, but I was busy all day, and then I had to leave early to go to Secret Cinema, so I never got to finish it. Here it is now. I really don’t do middle ground… It’s always all or nothing, it seems. I don’t do the whole trying stuff a little bit and see what happens. What’s the point of that? First things first. During the past few days, I’ve noticed another #nonscalevictory from the Whole30 programme. For the past… how many days has it been now? 47 days! Amazing… Anyway, yeah, so for the past 47 days there’s something that has changed in me, and it’s not my weight (which it has, of course). My attitude. A couple of people have told me that I look genuinely happy these days and the truth is, I feel happy. I’m not sure if mood swings are one …


Fine tuning my photography

Once again, I’m working from home today because of not feeling that great. I am thinking about cancelling the charity house tonight, and just stay here, but guilt isn’t letting me. After all, the only thing I really need to do is stay there and sleep, but I have the feeling it’s not going to be a good night tonight. I have been thinking about photography quite a lot lately. And graphic design. Those are two of the main topics that I keep returning from time to time (not necessarily mentioned here every time, of course), and how I would like to pursue them more often. At work, or rather on the side, I’m currently working on a poster for some social activities, which I’m doing at home in the evenings because it’s not really my job, and I get very sidetracked whenever I play around colours and fonts! Since I started watching more and more Photoshop tutorials, I’m beginning to realise that the photographs I take aren’t necessarily that terrible, it’s just that I …

Tio Pepe after

Some photos from Madrid

This weekend has been a bit of a drag, but for good reason. I haven’t gone out of my flat at all, and spent most of it being super lazy in front of my laptop. One of the most rewarding things you can do when you’re not feeling yourself is listening to your body, and actually giving it what it’s telling you it needs. On Saturday, I woke up relatively early, feeling tired and with zero motivation to do anything. As I was waiting for my boss to text me and let me know whether I needed to go find a last minute item for the trade show next week, I lay in bed, checking my emails and social media, and began to realise I really needed to stay in. Last Thursday, I was feeling so tired and so sick, and had such a bad headache, that I took the day off, but it didn’t feel enough, even though I slept almost 24 hours in total. On Saturday, when I received the message telling me …

Halloween Jack by Marta Nava for [shutter and ink.]

Of ups and downs… and further down.

I have the feeling that I’ve only been complaining lately… Possibly not so much over here, but face to face. When people can pretty much figure out you’re not at your 100% with just one glance, I guess it’s time to start snapping out of it. Truth is, I don’t deal well with bad moods. Since end of last week, I’ve been feeling a bit down. I’ve had too many things going on in my mind, and I wasn’t sure how to deal with all of it, so I pretty much decided to shut down and don’t deal with anything at all. Last weekend, I spent it in bed. I wasn’t necessarily sleeping all the time, sometimes I was just staring at the ceiling/wall, or maybe watching series, or yes, sleeping. My brother was tentatively poking his head around to check I was still alive from time to time, and to check whether I was going to have lunch and the usual basic-survival stuff. On Saturday, I made a bit of an effort to go …