Month: May 2013


I hope you enjoyed the entry I shared at The Flat-Footed Adventurer about the day out. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? Go on, I’ll wait. OK, now that you’re back, let me tell you more about that adventure day… Advertisements

Service disruption

The entry today is going to be a bit on a darker subject than usual. While travelling in the tube this morning, we heard an announcement telling us that the trains in such and such line were severely delayed due to a passenger under the train. You see, we live in London. Having trains delayed are a normal occurrence for us. If anyone asks me how long it takes me to commute to work, my answer would probably be “30-40 minutes on a good day.” There is always a signal failure, or a service regulation, or some other stuff going on. We even have websites and apps to let us know about the disruptions. The image we have of the Tube is that when it rains, water gets on the tracks and it stops working. If it snows, then ice is the problem. If it’s too hot… I don’t know, cables melt or something? We know whenever we use the Tube, especially at peak hours, we’re going to suffer delays. It’s part of our daily …

Adventures, running and music

If you know me at all, then you’ll know I’m pretty much always up to something (have you read any of my latest posts on the subject? ha-ha) There have been a couple of things that I’ve been doing lately. One of them was going on an adventure day with a bunch of friends. You can read the first instalment of the awesome day we had over here. This is a guest post I wrote for my friend Jay at The Flat-Footed Adventurer. Also, last Saturday I ran the We Own The Night run with Nike. It was a female only 10k run. I had never managed to run 10k without stopping before but I managed on Saturday! It wasn’t too difficult (not saying it was easy though!) and I managed to do it in just over an hour. Go me! I was (still am) very happy with the results. Once again, it was a challenge, and I pushed myself to do it. I feel like I smashed it! Unfortunately, my left knee has been …

5 Seconds

So I’m starting to practise with Adobe Premiere Pro… More like experimenting, really! Last night I created my first video (I have made another video before, but I haven’t really shared it with the blogosphere yet), which is just a collection of 5 second clips, with no effects and no added sound. The number of clips is random and as to the nature of each clip… Well, let’s say it’s based on whenever I remember to record something! I hope you guys will enjoy it, and am looking forward to your feedback. For now, it’s set on private, but when prompted, simply type in shutterandink (surprising creativity, I know) and you should be able to watch it. 5 Seconds