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Young model

I consider myself young. I don’t know how young I really am, because age is a relative concept (I know how many years I’ve walked the Earth, of course), but I know I don’t look my age and, half of the time, I don’t act it either.

However, there are some instances in which I can see that I belong to an older generation. By birth, I am still part of that category they call millennials. For a long time, I would see articles about them on BuzzFeed and other websites, and I would wonder who these people were. As it turned out, I am them!

Last night, I was talking to some guys at a work event, and at some point I needed to ask how old they were (because of how the conversation was going and some of their comments). After the usual how old you think I am? and my accurate guess, I realised I was, once again, surrounded by, well, kids. That’s not a problem in itself, except that it baffles me, how I always end up talking to people even 10 years younger than me! I felt a bit old, in a theoretical sort of way. Sure, one of them was going out with his friends afterwards, and they were both drinking merrily. I wasn’t doing any of the two. Ah, well…

Another thing that made me doubt myself was trying to share photos between my new iPhone and my MacBook. I wanted to get the pics from the photo shoot from the laptop and into the phone, so I could upload them to Instagram easily. In theory, either My Photo Stream or iCloud should have helped. I spent about two hours trying, testing and failing. The photos would not appear on my phone. I did some Google searches and nothing, I just had no clue about how to access the photos on my phone. I could see on my laptop they were synced, but there were nowhere to be seen on the phone. No matter how much I searched, I could not find the answer. I felt so not-technology-savvy, and I’m really into technology, computers, code, and social media, of course. I was so annoyed. Finally, I managed to figure it out. Sort of. I still don’t know how to access iCloud from my phone, but at least I found out if I disable iCloud, then my stream appears again. I copied the photos into my phone and off I went.

Funnily enough, once I had the photos on my phone, I realised the proportions were very wrong for Instagram, and I had to crop them all. Some of them would work, but others wouldn’t. Pretty annoying! Instead of sharing them all on Instagram, I decided to publish a post with my favourite ones!

I’m not sure if you knew, but I bought a voucher for a photo shoot with Fashion Haus in Shoreditch from TimeOut a while ago. It could be valid for one or two people and I asked Oummou to join me. Second photo shoot together!

For this shoot, we had three changes of outfit, and different places to pose in front of. I remember when I used to be camera-shy, but I’m starting to like it more and more. Maybe one day I could become a model! (Sure…)

This first photo is so typical of me. Just standing, happy to be there. I don’t look amazing or anything, but I like it because it really captures the type of person I am, a bit like a happy person and a bragging bring it on attitude.
I probably have a weird face here, but so what? My face is weird! I like the pose and my outfit a lot…
I promise I wasn’t falling asleep here. Trying to hold a pose, while looking sexy, while minding how much you open/close your mouth, while trying to look relaxed… Well, this is as best as I could manage… Ha-ha!
Possibly my favourite photo of the whole shoot (then again, maybe not, I don’t know… Definitely top three!). Love the pose, love the outfit, the look on my face… I’m in love with my tulle skirt, and I decided to try it with a denim jacket. The stylist thought it would be great to also wear a hat and when I looked at myself I said Hipster!!, and I loved it. I felt fun and silly, and young and wanting to do the craziest photos… but I didn’t, I composed myself and didn’t jump on the swing.
Yes, there was a swing. I wanted to have a photo standing up on it, but when I tried to sit on it for the first pic, I almost fell over, so I decided against it. I know it looks like I’m flashing, but I’m not (I checked before sharing this photo), so stop looking up my skirt, you pervs! Ha-ha!
Another favourite photo. Look at that smile! Look at that neck! Gosh, I’m gorgeous…
I’m not entirely sure what the aim of this pose was, or what the photographer had in mind, but since I’m pretty much in love with my legs, I think this photo turned out to be awesome! I really like my legs. They’re strong legs, even if they fail me sometimes after long runs. They’re runner legs, and weightlifting legs, from all the physio sessions I’ve had to do during my life (and my recent love for weightlifting, of course!). This photo shows my awesome legs.
This photo is great. That’s all I can say about it, really. I look like an old movie star. I love the jumpsuit I’m wearing, and the studio lent me a big statement necklace for the pictures. I love we can see my tattoo, and that I look from another era.
This. Photo.
So that’s it. These are my favourite photos from the photo shoot last Sunday.

I haven’t shared any photos of Oummou because I haven’t asked her if she was OK with it. She looked gorgeous as well!

We had a really great time and it wasn’t too expensive in the end (you have to buy extra photos if you want more than the couple included in the voucher). It was a really fun Sunday afternoon!

What do you think? Can I be a model? Ha-ha! I’m only joking, but it’s a fun thought! But see? I look younger than I really am, right?

Whilst I didn’t take any of these photos (the photographer at Fashion Haus did), I did acquire the copyrights when I bought them so, you know, don’t steal and all that. You can share, but please don’t hog them all and give credit, link back… you know, usual sharing etiquette!


  1. Angel says

    Me encantan las fotos, estás muy guapa. Un beso de papa

  2. Roseta says

    Hey!!! Acabo de ver las fotos y leer el texto. Desde luego estás guapisíma ya quisieran algunas actrices de Hollywood parecerse a ti. Me encantan. Guapa!!! Besos.

    • marz says

      Muchas gracias! Me alegro que te hayan gustado… En octubre me he apuntado a unos “talleres/tutoriales” y a una audición para ser modelo… Jaja

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